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The Spanish and German editions are already available in three exciting editions: ebook, the practical travel sized soft cover and the elegant hard cover version.

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What To Know About The Canary Islands Murders

The Canary Islands Murders

The crime novel brand Canary Islands Murders combines Internet dangers, human shallows, crises of self-discovery, sexual identity and happiness in life.

Attorney Filbert Dols, hacker Nacho "Nate" Lukas and private investigator Otis Wilhelm are in their element.

Canary Islands Murders brings excitement about the Canary Islands to the reader and wants you to come visit and explore the beauty and secrets here on your own.


In the idyllic Garachico on Tenerife, the owner of a romantic restaurant on the coastal road is suddenly dead. Was it suicide because of the flood of negative reviews?

A vendetta begins that silences all the restaurant critics. A life lie, vegan nail polish, an unhappy love affair and the found lust for murder.

This crime novel has its focus on the island of Tenerife.

Semmy De Nada

Semmy de Nada is a German native artist who writes crime novels, is a enthusiastic quirky talkative personality who loves to entertain and inspire people.

He speaks German, English, Spanish and Netherlands. Here you find all ways to contact with him.

If you are living on the Canary Islands and want to be of my research and investigation for all island related facts, news and networking opportunities, get in touch!