Canay Islands Murders Brand

The brand "Canary Islands Murders" is being developed and head written by Semmy Stumpp.

Discover The Trilogy

The three first novels / installments are being written right now. Find out more below and read the synopses.

Canary Islands Murders

Initial Trilogy

Silenced Tourists

A desperate mother in search for her teenage son discovers that the oldest dragon tree in the world is not the only reason to visit Icod de los Vinos. Why do tourists die here like flies? Will she be able to stop the madness before someone blows up the iconic tourist landmark? >>>Synopsis

Dine Opinion

When a brand new restaurant owner in Tenerife commits suicide after harsh restaurant reviews it triggers the appetite of a serial killer to take revenge. Will her son be able to stop the madness or lose everything by being accused himself? >>>Synopsis

Quicksand Maspalomas

When a gay honeymoon turns into a nightmare and a desperate lover is forced to investigate the disapearance of several men. Will he find his partner in time or will the gay tourist destination in Gran Canaria turn into a death trap? >>>Synopsis