Can Artificial Intelligence Support Crime Novel Writers?

Artificial Intelligence - Chance or Threat for Crime Novel Writers?
Semmy de Nada,

Welcome, Curious!

This is Semmy de Nada and a happy welcome to my "hidden" page...

I was shocked to learn and discover how much Artificial Intelligence has already evolved, so I started to explore the possibilities of how I can use it to complete the next installments of my crime novel books and the upcoming spec scripts for the TV/Movie format as well.

Here is the most critical link you might be looking for:

The Final Reveal Of The
Artificial Intelligence Tool
That I Am Now Using

It is provided by an independent company I do not own or work for.
I am one of their customers and a product evangelist and use their AI myself
write and generate the content on this site heThere and for my crime novel work.

I was not hired to create and share my story and journey on my own.

However, I might receive a small percentage for referring customers. This will support my work as a writer and is not affecting the final price you pay for using this AI service.

IN FACT: if you sign up here, you have a fellow partner and support contact who will give you unbiased answers that you will otherwise not get on other websites linking to the same company.

You should have come to this page via -  if not, please sign up here in order to follow how much crime novel writing experiments go with this AI:

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